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All of our beauty professionals are certified, qualified, and constantly evaluated. To ensure our beauty services are top-notch, we conduct an exhaustive research process to find talented and trusted professionals.

Through detailed profiles and reviews, we allow you to choose the right stylist for you. Our team of expert stylists are ready to give you glamor, all you have to do is book an appointment and we will be where you are, we will be in your comfort zone and we work with your schedule

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How can I find a good makeup artist and hairdresser?

It’s always challenging to find professional beauty services that will deliver the look you want to achieve. Here at Glamaras, we recommend that you follow the following tips:

Check the products they use. At Glamaras, we never skimp on the quality of the products we use for hair and makeup. If you use a specific beauty product, you can request it and we will get it for you.

Consider local. Our specialist bridal makeup artists offer much lower rates but with the same high-quality standard of service. We guarantee availability and above all punctuality.

Ask for a trial run. Because we know that each client has a unique style, we always offer a test. This allows you to see the actual look for your wedding day and you can make the adjustments you want so that you have the ideal look on that special day.

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Why Choose Glamaras Experts?

If you are looking for a hairdresser without leaving home, do not hesitate to contact the experts at Glamaras, we will give you the best hairstyle and makeup whenever you want.

Our team of professionals is composed of experienced, and rigorously screened artists. We ensure that you will become the most stunning bride ever, shine on your wedding day.

All of our beauty experts are accommodating and very friendly.They will take care of highlighting your natural beauty so that you are relaxed and calm on your big day.

We consider your skin and hair type at all times, we use the right products to avoid irritation and damage to your face.

We’re willing to take the extra mile to ensure that you will achieve the look that you want. For us, beauty is limitless. Get in touch and our in-home hairstylist will plan your look for your big day!

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Which is the Best Hairstyle for Women in 2021?

Each woman is different and so is the hairstyle that suits her. As hair and makeup artists, we ensures that each woman will have a hairstyle that suits her face, hair, and preference.

For women with prominent cheekbones, side-swept bangs are an excellent choice. Those who aim for an energetic look should try the textured beach waves.

Textured and wavy hairstyles give off a relaxed vibe. On the other hand, retro bangs, messy buns, braided updo, and curly hairstyles are all sexy this year.

Whatever hairstyle you want to achieve, our hairstyling services are your go-to solution. We will give you the hairstyle you always wanted. Our professional makeup artist will also provide ideas if you’re torn between styles.

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Why is Glamaras the Best Hairstylist in Newport Beach?

We take pride as the best hairstylist in Newport Beach. Our happy clients are testaments to the quality of our beauty services.

We will give you an impeccable style for that big event or a natural look for an intimate gathering. Our stylists use proven, high-quality products for the best results. If you have sensitive skin and hair, don’t worry, we can also accommodate your special requests..

We maintain a clean and professional hair and makeup environment for each client. Our stylists are friendly and patient, always ready to attend to all your requests. Each one has a personal style, so we always want you to be satisfied and happy with your new look.

If what you need is a reliable hairdresser and makeup artist, don’t hesitate to hire Glamaras. All our stylists are trained, certified, and rigorously screened.

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