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Bridal Airbrush Makeup

Full makeup including airbrush application and faux lashes. Airbrush makeup leaves a spectacular result that is why brides love to use it and they look amazing in photographs. In this technique, a gun is used that sprays the makeup using pressurized air that leaves a very thin layer on the skin, but enough to cover the application in a uniform and natural way. This technique is very fast, offers a lot of precision and a very fine appearance texture. On the wedding day, everyone wants to come to congratulate the bride, and it is at that moment where the concern of staining the guests with makeup occurs, but the great advantage of airbrushed bridal makeup is that it is not transferable, as well. that does not fall when greeting many people or stain clothes, dare to wear this new technique and look great on your wedding day. Remember to leave it in the hands of professionals! Complete makeup including airbrush application and false eyelashes Time: 60 min

Bridal Makeup Party

Without a doubt, the bride is the protagonist of a wedding, but we cannot leave aside the bridesmaids, they must also wear beautiful makeup and hairstyle. Makeup experts will be the ones who will give you the necessary attention, to your requests and doubts about the look that you will wear that big day and that everything combines harmoniously, focusing on what goes best with each personality and appearance. Take care of those little details that should not be missing on the wedding day, since the bridesmaids are also a fundamental part of that great day, they are the ones who will accompany the beautiful bride at all times. Take advantage of our package and make your bridesmaids look beautiful!, the long-awaited day is near, contact the experts of Glamaras! Bridal party of 4 or more, we offer an hourly rate Time: 60 mins

Bridal Trial Hair & Makeup

Take the stress out of your big day with our wedding trial which includes an in-depth consultation to get to know you better and your desired style. Our hand-selected team of Bridal Beauty Professionals will work with you to perfect your look so it’s everything you’ve ever dreamed of and more. It is essential to carry out the test before the wedding for the tranquility of the bride and also the professional, to know that the products do not give you allergies, that you can check how long the makeup lasts. During the testing process, we first solve doubts with questions and answers for our brides, in the same way for the beauty professional, in order that everything is perfect. It is the perfect opportunity to find out what looks good on you and make any changes in advance. We want to provide the best for your long-awaited day and that you feel the security of being in the hands of expert professionals Time: 120 mins

Bridesmaid Hair

You have a great responsibility at the wedding, to wear a great hairstyle as a bridesmaid. These types of hairstyles require a lot of preparation, and each woman has a different length and volume of hair, the hairstyle should also fit this. First of all, it is recommended that the bridesmaids do not wear the same hairstyle for the wedding, but that each one looks for a hairstyle that best suits their type of face, the trend is to use minimalist styles, while simpler and natural better! Remember to think of a hairstyle that will survive a full day of partying. Whether you have short hair or long hair there will be an ideal hairstyle for you, the central figure is the bride and you should not overshadow her, but you as a bridesmaid will also look radiant. Full makeup including false eyelashes for bridal parties of 4 or more, we offer an hourly rate. Time: 60 minutes

Bridesmaid Makeup

A beautiful feeling is when you are chosen to be part of the group of bridesmaids at a wedding and a difficult task is to choose the makeup that you will wear. For your makeup to be perfect you need your skin to be clean and healthy, so we recommend that you have a previous preparation time with masks, facials, etc. Your makeup will be important, as you will be in the foreground of many photos!. Do not miss the beautiful detail of your makeup. The most important thing is to see you with a fresh look and with your own style, we know that there are millions of tutorials that tell you how to put on makeup for that occasion, but it really is not an easy task and the ideal is that you put yourself in the hands of professionals who do you look very beautiful. Full makeup including false eyelashes for bridal parties of 4 or more, we offer an hourly rate Time: 60 minutes

VIP Service Bridal hair & makeup

We customize the hair and make-up look to suit you and your comfort level. If you do not know what you want, it is best to have a trial done. Don’t assume you can’t have an up-do because your hair is too fine / short, that your hair won’t take curls or that your eyes are too small for the smokey look you have always wanted to try. Let us explore all the possibilities! During your consultation, we will discuss your vision for your wedding day. We will take in all of the considerations of your wedding elements (venue, theme, gown, head piece, veil, earrings, etc.) and we will design the perfect look. Meet with us to pre-plan your wedding beauty needs such as, expert advice on your desired look, hair color and skin care What to Expect If you already own hair exte4nsions, bring them with you. Do not purchase new ones; We will provide further instructions on what hair extensions are required to achieve the look. Also, having multiple trails is a good way to confirm that you made the right decision While you are at it, make your trial into a date night! For out-of-town brides, a phone / video meeting will be scheduled. On the wedding day:
  • With this VIP package, you get the complete Glamaras service:
  • Makeup application, includes airbrush and mink lashes
  • Hair styling any style (curls down, half up, updo, waves)
  • Body Makeup for glomming chest, back and arms
  • Stay to touch up – 2 hours
  • On location service, from LA, The Valley and OC regions
  • Makeup Bag with deluxe sized cosmetics
$ 2,400.00