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Beach Wave

Now those natural waves, created by wind and sea, can be recreated in the hands of hairdressing experts. This trend has evolved over the years, from more defined curls and waves to a structured result, but with naturalness and volume that you can wear in the summer. Wear beach waves in your hair, some waves on a beach day are the perfect combination. This type of hairstyle will give a soft and sexy appearance, the end result is messy locks, if you want an easy change of look this is a great option. The most outstanding advantage of this hairstyle is its versatility since you can use it to accompany any type of outfit and for any type of occasion. Show off beautiful, casual and natural waves!. Just "off the beach" messy waves Time: 60 minutes


The perfect blowout. Nothing better than showing off your hair with style, glamor and debauchery. A hair with an exuberant and curvy hairstyle is what is today, in the hands of our experts you can get the glamorous look you want, perfect for any occasion or moment. We know that this will be your favorite look for you to dazzle everyone at your next events. Every time the trends are many more, in our hands you will be able to correctly choose the hairstyle that goes with you. Take advantage of the new trends in hairstyles to give that change that you want so much in your hair and you will notice that special touch that will flow in your appearance. You can wear the perfect blowout! We have a team of professionals who hope to serve you with the best products and due delicacy. Time: 60 minutes


Are you tired of always wearing the same look? Time to choose a hairstyle that does not go out of style!. A look that refuses to go away! Hairstyles with braids have been in trend for months, but now that summer is approaching, it is the most requested option by many women who want to feel fresh and attractive. They are really beautiful and you can wear them in your hair, a modern and fun look. There are many types, you choose which one to wear and wear on those summer days, It's time to pick up your hair and get a nice, comfortable and fresh look. Braids that we do: fishtail, French, classic or braids Time: 60 minutes

Sleek Back

We know that you love large low backs that make you feel feminine and sophisticated, so we will help you choose that hairstyle that is exactly to show off that beautiful neckline. A bun as a hairstyle can also be ideal, as it will expose your skin as much as you want. And there are more hairstyles that you can wear!. A dress with a neckline will make you look sensual and if you have the right hairstyle, the look will be perfect for your occasion. Shiny, pulled back into a pony or chignon, can also be worn tucked behind the ears and down. Time: 60 minutes

Super Star Hair

Sometimes women get bored of always wearing the same hairstyle, and they want a change that impresses them, we want to take care of transforming you into a great star with these hairstyles, you will look stunning whether they are waves or glitters, they will be looks that will combine with everything!. Like a red carpet star, shimmering locks wavy to perfection. We are available to assist you, schedule an appointment with us. We will make you shine! Time: 60 minutes


Perfectly disheveled waves, a look that promises to remain valid for a long time to come. Tousled Hair is the new trend that is enchanting beauty lovers for its simplicity and relaxed look, it is characterized by the presence of light waves, and thanks to them you can adopt a totally fresh look. The waves in the hair make your hair gain more prominence because they provide volume and movement, in addition, if you have careful and shiny hair the result will be even more incredible. Wear this hairstyle that gives waves and that everyone really likes! It is also an excellent option to wear it day to day because this look will make you look beautiful at any time and the best thing is that this type of hairstyle adapts to various types of hair. We can achieve that messy look you want, leave everything in our hands. Time: 60 minutes

Up Do

Chic and classic for any special occasion, a beautiful classic!. This type of hairstyle is widely used to retain hair so it does not fall slightly, these are hairstyles that overflow with beauty, and that need to be styled by an expert. It is a look that can be adapted to all types of hair and there are many ways you can wear it. You can also add braids and waves to look even more elegant, a dress with this type of hairstyle would be perfect!. The Glamaras team gives you the best tips to combine your look and have the result you have been waiting for. An elegant and classic hairstyle for any special occasion. Time: 60 minutes