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Air Brush Makeup

Full makeup with airbrush application more smith makeup. The airbrush makeup technique gives us a smooth and highly blurred finish, achieving the expectation of professional makeup. Also known today as "high definition" makeup, and it is a new way to leave perfect makeup, as every woman wants. It is a technique with which there is no contact with the skin since the air is used as an instrument to spray the face. Using products specifically for this technique is the key to durability and finish. The ideal is to be able to use a high-quality product and previously have the skin hydrated, this guarantees us a result with a better finish. The makeup used is hypoallergenic, so they are ideal for sensitive skin, it is a very hygienic method due to its application by the medium of pressurized air and also leaves a result that you will love. Time: 60 mins


A fresh and simple makeup look that will show your beauty with a sweet cheek. A well-applied blush will make you look much more, The blush returns to the cheekbones their prominence on the face. It is an essential piece to create a balanced makeup, which will give you a beautiful result. Applying it will give a beautiful color to your face, the way you can do it are many, since nowadays the techniques to put blush are different for each type of face. The contour of your face will be light and shiny, this technique has been used for many years and to this day it continues to be a success among women. Time : 60 mins

Cat Eye

A fashionable “go-to” look perfect for day or night. Flattering for most eye shapes, a makeup trend that continues! Achieve a defined, intense look with the cat eye technique, it is a style that many women use to lengthen the look and give it a detail of glamor and elegance. The "cat eyes" have been very well positioned on the pedestal of fashion and today they are a makeup classic. In fact, for many women this becomes a real challenge, but you should not worry that we will do the work and you will look great! We make the perfect eyeliner that goes with your type of eyes and the shape of your face because an eyeliner that adapts to you will make you feel unique and striking. Time: 60 mins

Full Makeup Application

From high tea to girls' night out. Get the Heiress’s signature eyeliner and nude eyes, lips and cheeks, highlight your beauty with a full makeup The perfect complement is makeup, and every woman knows it. This makes you look striking without forgetting elegance, it is one of the most fascinating tools to increase your glamor, cover those facial imperfections and is the best ally in personal care. Putting on makeup highlights the beauty that every woman already has by nature, and can change the way others see you. The makeup routine is a must for every woman, and it is essential to use quality products so that they give a better result and long durability. Time: 60 mins

Metallic Makeup

Flawless skin with a powerful metallic eye, an extraordinary trend This metallic trend returned with force, today it is the makeup of choice for many women. You can choose to wear it on the lips and eyes with the colors that you like the most and make you stand out on your occasions. With this makeup you will look with a lot of attitude and fabulous, highlighting your eyes and your lips with these beautiful metallic tones. All metallic shades are perfect for a night out; since their brightness will make you be the center of attention wherever you are, while for the day you can opt for light and subtle tones. Time: 60 mins

No Makeup Makeup

Fresh, clean and radiant. An enhanced version of your natural beauty. If you want natural and perfect skin, your best option is the "no-makeup makeup" trend. This highlights your features naturally and makes your skin look more luminous as if you were not wearing makeup. The "no-makeup makeup" is a technique that seeks to give a result as if you had no makeup on your face, it can be understood as makeup with a natural finish and that is ideal for day-to-day. Free of imperfections and with very well-defined features is the result of this trend, women who opt for the "no-makeup makeup" are really surprised and satisfied with the finish. Time: 60 mins

Nude Makeup

"The new classic" use shades that enhance your skin tone and facial feature, the "nude" makeup uses natural tones that are close to your own skin tones. This makeup technique is based on enhancing facial features, to show the face as it is. Simplicity is sought and at the same time not lose elegance. It is suitable for all types of skin tones and enhances harmony in the face and nuances its color. In addition, it smooths out blemishes. The essential of this technique is to achieve a spontaneous effect, using shades very similar to the tones of each skin. You can use it both to go to work, for an engagement or even for a celebration, and you will look incredible. Time: 60 mins

Smokey Eye

Smoldering shadow drawing the attention to your eyes, the makeup that is in fashion is smokey eyes! This technique can give you a more or less intense result, you can opt for light shadows for the day, but if you want to wear sweeping makeup at night, the dark shadows will result in a feline look. The "smokey eyes" is a trend that aims to enhance and highlight the look, making you look smoky and penetrating wherever you go. Although this makeup may seem simple, it is not! It includes a large number of techniques and materials, so leaving it in the hands of professionals is the best idea! Time: 60 mins